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Sasquatch is real.
Few creatures have more speculation and anecdotal evidence surrounding them than Sasquatch does. Before the 19th century, when stories about the mysterious “ape man” began circulating in the American West, most Native American tribes had their own legends surrounding the enigmatic creature. Sasquatch, most commonly spotted in the Pacific Northwest, is usually described as a bipedal ape-like creature, significantly larger than the average man, and completely covered in dark brown or reddish hair. In general, the scientific community remains skeptical about the existence of such an animal, but there are a lot of people out there who are confident that some sort of ape-man roams through the depths of North America’s most remote forests. Although there is more scientific evidence against the existence of Sasquatch than there is for it, many have devoted their lives to seeking out Bigfoot.

Agile mindset of the bigfoot
Bigfoot has eluded humans in the woods, and with our breakthrough studies we show that the modern bigfoot applied agile methodologies to escape detection.

"I'm convinced that the Sasquatch uses an agile practices approach discovering requirements to escape detection and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their end user"
-Dr NotBob Nosam,
Sr Director, Sasquatch Labs
In extensive exploration we have found previous sprint evidence left behind by the sasquatch, and more is found every day.
Agile isn't about knowing every right step, it's about heading in the right direction. Are they heading in the right direction?
Joel B.
I believe they believe this stuff...
Lindsay K.
Yes, this IS a theory...
Jake P.
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